UCD Opening Learning Course!

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Starting in February 2012, University College, Dublin, Adult Education Centre is running a course titled 'Dublin: One City, One Book'! 

This course is designed to tie in with events in the Dublin: One City, One Book festival 2012 culminating in an extended engagement with the 2012 selected title. Students will also read the books previously chosen for the Dublin: One City, One Book festival... The focus of the course will be to situate these books as Dublin books, showing different aspects and histories of the city. The course will consider the changing place of Dublin in literature and examine different ways the city has been represented by writers. The course will build up to a sustained consideration of the Dublin: One City, One Book choice for 2012 making full use of events staged by Dublin City Libraries. (extract)

Details of the UCD course titled 'Dublin: One City, One Book.